Imke Albrecht

I love being a midwife! And even more so with increasing experience and years on the job. In the beginning, I was mainly interested in births – and that is also something fascinating. Today I am interested in so many more topics relating to pregnancy and the postpartum period. In tutorials in the vlog, I like to talk about topics that are not covered in courses, my app or during visits, but which are of great interest to me.

I help couples,

What can, should, may and must a man do to support his partner during childbirth? What in the puerperium? How can “man” help with breastfeeding, where does dad have his own niche with the baby? What is a “good birth” for you women and what does “maternal” mean to you?

20 years of experience

I have been working as a midwife for 20 years, 15 of which I spent in the wards of various hospitals. I am familiar with everyday hospital life on the maternity ward and can prepare you for the birth in a practical way.

Today I work as a self-employed midwife and breastfeeding consultant and I know that it doesn’t end with the birth, it only begins then. The topics of breastfeeding and postpartum therefore
is so important in my birth preparation and the app!

Ertasten der Lage und Grösse des Babys bei einer Schwangerschaftskontrolle durch die Hebamme.

Competent, but above all honest and not embellishing

My understanding of obstetrics is essentially “no intervention without indication”. But if necessary, then full of gratitude for the opportunities we have today. I endeavor to keep my knowledge up to date through regular training and interdisciplinary exchange.

Homeopathy and alternative medicine are not really my thing. But I have great faith in the ability to adapt and self-healing powers. Many things simply take time and patience.

The top priority is that you are as satisfied as possible with the birth and postpartum period. This is the best start for your family.

In this sense, I try

in my work to help you find your way.

I am neither esoteric, ideological nor dogmatic.

I respect your ideas and wishes and try not to put you under pressure.

  • 10 years as an employed midwife in the building department & outpatient clinic at Triemli City Hospital Zurich 2006-2016
  • Midwife at the small rural hospital in Wattwil, Toggenburg 2005
  • Midwifery diploma in Berlin 2001-2004
  • Yoga training in Vinyasa & YinYoga, pregnancy yoga
  • Pilates Rehab Care Training
  • Thai Yoga Massage Training at the Institute for Thai Yoga Massage in Cologne
  • 2018 recertified 2023 breastfeeding and lactation consultant Ibclc
  • 2023 Pilates Essentials at art of motions, Bern.
  • 2022 and 2019 Hypnobirthing course instructor
  • Course instructor for postnatal recovery and pelvic floor work from the Swiss Midwives Association
  • Bebo course instructor Diploma on the pelvic floor
  • Regression after Pilates Katharina Schmid
  • Pilates Reha Care Trainer Training Zurich, Dany Birchler
  • Vinyasa and Yin Yoga training at Planet Yoga, Zurich
  • Pregnancy yoga training, Spirit Yoga, Berlin
  • Birthlight Yoga Training Zurich, (started)
  • SVEB 1 for adult education
  • Acupuncture
  • Baby massage
  • Regular various training courses on midwifery, neonatal and adult resuscitation
  • I am a midwife with joy, fun and passion.
  • I like to be described as “pragmatic and courageous”.
  • I find myself curious, creative and open to new things.
  • I hope you also find that I am empathetic and committed.
  • Completed wood sculptor training/wood carving 1996-1999. The original plan was to go on to study art therapy.
  • 1999-2001 several semesters of political science, history and English studies. The original plan was to work “in the media”. And then obstetrics came and stayed… My favorite topic.
  • I’ve loved sailing since I was a child, hiking since I’ve had the mountains within reach and biking and kiting since I wanted to be a reasonably exciting mom to my son.
  • And I love it when our Border Collie Bo is involved in almost every activity.

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