Postnatal courses

Postnatal courses Zurich

Helping the body to find its way back

A postnatal course is important for strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, improving posture and restoring general stability. At the same time, the courses offer a supportive space for social exchange between you mothers.

The Pilates postnatal course is suitable for women from approx. 6 weeks after giving birth. In addition to the indoor course without baby on Monday evenings, I offer “Into-the-Wild” postnatal walks in the forest for more and more activity. All postnatal courses take place in Zurich Albisrieden.

Imke unterrichtet Rückbildungskurse im GZ Bachwiesen.
Imke Albrecht unterrichtet Rückbildungskurse in Zürich

Advantages of recovery courses

  • Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles:
    We strengthen your pelvic floor with targeted exercises. This is particularly important as pregnancy and childbirth put a lot of strain on this area and can cause weaknesses.
  • Recovery of the abdominal muscles:
    During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles stretch to make room for the growing baby. We use targeted exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and get them back into shape. This not only contributes to aesthetic restoration, but also supports the return to a stable posture.
  • Improve posture and body stability
    With targeted exercises, we aim to improve posture and strengthen the muscles in the back and shoulder region. This can help to relieve back pain and restore the body’s general stability.

In Zurich Albisrieden

Postnatal courses

Die Position "Brücke" ist eine gute Position für die Rückbildung.


One subscription, three offers. My postnatal course consists of 3 components :

  • Indoor Pilates course
  • Outdoor walking course
  • Postnatal module in Give birth together app*

You choose how you want to divide your 10-class subscription between indoor Pilates classes or “Into the Wild” walks in the forest. You can also come indoors only; 50:50, 80:20…. everyone as they like!

The previous Pilates postnatal course is now an open course and part of this offer. You can join at any time.

*For the duration of the subscription, i.e. 10 meetings.

When & where

  • Indoor Pilates course: Mondays 20:00 – 21:15, GZ Bachwiesen

  • Outdoor walking course “Into the Wild”: Every Thursday from 13:45-15:00 it gets wild. We meet at various locations in the Altstetter forest, on the Üetliberg or on the Werdinsel when the weather is fine.

Giving birth together app

In the detailed postnatal module, I impart a lot of knowledge about the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, behavior in everyday life, rectus diastasis, etc.

It is advisable to have already studied Pilates breathing and the first basic exercises in self-study before joining the course.


CHF 240 for 10 sessions including the regression module in the app (10-session subscription)

Course content

Every Monday evening right after pregnancy yoga, we do 75 minutes of regression!

In the first 15 minutes there is an open exchange on questions about postnatal care, but there is also room for all topics relating to the postpartum period, life with a child and breastfeeding.

We then do 60 minutes of concentrated exercise without a child based on Pilates, but also integrate yoga and gymnastics elements. The focus is on strengthening the core muscles, the pelvic floor, special exercises for the recutsdiastasis, posture, release of typical tension in the back and neck.

Materials such as Therabands, Pilates rollers, gymnastics balls and small balls, as well as Magic Circles provide variety.

We meet at various locations in the Altstetter forest, on the Üetliberg or on the Werdinsel when the weather is fine.

The babies are in a baby carriage or baby sling. The concept is to move around in a cheerful group, exchange ideas and make new contacts.

We stop at benches, trees and walls and have a mix of yoga, Pilates and Crossfit. Therabands, Magic We also have Circles with us from time to time.

In the surroundings of Zurich Albisrieden

“Into the wild” regression walks in the forest

5 Frauen mit ihren Babys auf einer Bank im Freien, die Sport machen


We do a cheerful mix of cardio, Pilates, yoga and Crossfit outdoors. The babies are in a baby carriage or baby sling.

This offer is a 4-person subscription for those who only want to go into the forest.

If the weather is fine, we take mats with us. Alternating with materials such as therabands etc.

Even if you have already done a postnatal course with another provider, you are welcome to go “into the wild” with me!

After the walk, you women can carry on “käffeling” on your own while my dog Bo and I say goodbye.

When & where

Outdoor walking course “Into the Wild”: Every Thursday from 13:45-15:00. The meeting point will be announced via chat. We are either out and about in the Altstetter Forest, Üetliberg or on the Limmat/Werdinsel.


CHF 100 for 4 meetings (4-person subscription)