Philosophy – Giving birth together

A birth is a major event in the life of a couple.

It is the most natural thing of all to have a child. But it is definitely not a lifestyle event. It is also not guaranteed to be the best day of your life. Maybe so. But maybe not.

Supporting couples to keep the lead themselves

I love it when couples give birth together. As a team. Accompanied by empathetic obstetricians who competently support the couple to go it alone and only intervene to help if it is necessary for the well-being of mother and child. But it’s best not to do anything. This is how I understand obstetrics in the best sense of the word.

Comprehensive preparation for the intense feelings of birth

It is enchanting to see women surpassing themselves, developing strengths they have never had before. The mixture of vulnerability and strength is touching. Couples can grow from this. Fathers can become deeply attached to their children by being present at their birth. I would like to prepare you for this. With all my further training. With all my experience. With very different ways and methods.

Prepare for the unexpected and disappointments

But I also want to protect mothers and fathers from getting romantic or false ideas. I want to protect you from being disappointed because the birth was perhaps long, exhausting and painful, because there was a caesarean section or the birth had to be ended with a suction cup. Or you have finally decided on an epidural or other painkillers.

Giving birth is not like in the YouTube influencer video

A birth is not “gentle”, but a great, strong force of nature. I like to differentiate myself clearly from American hypnobirthing and related concepts that promise a gentle and pain-free birth. I myself have completed 2 hypnobirthing courses, which I have modified with my professional experience and incorporated into my courses and my app.

My experience is that most women find labor more or less painful. I have seen women who were disappointed with themselves after certain hypnosis courses that they didn’t give birth like in a YouTube movie.

Know what’s coming and take advantage of it

I would like to prepare you for the possibility that you will find the contractions painful. However, my aim is for you to be able to cope with this. Contractions are large and strong. And that’s a good thing. Because that’s what it takes to deliver a 3-kilo baby through our relatively narrow pelvis. That has to be the case.

But that doesn’t have to be seen as “bad” and you don’t have to be “afraid” of it today, but rather harness this power, resonate with it, find a rhythm and give birth. Be quiet or loud. Sweaty and broken. And proud. In any case, you should be proud of yourselves. Proud and grateful. No matter what the birth mode was. In the water, in bed, on the stool, with a caesarean section, painkillers or without.

My course concept

Anyone can actually give birth. Or rather: every one.

It’s very intuitive: close your eyes, breathe and let your pelvis circle. Sometimes it’s the same. But not always. I do everything I can to prepare you holistically for the birth of your baby: cognitively, physically and mentally.

Cognitive level – the head

  • I will give you the necessary knowledge that is helpful for you: as a midwife with 15 years of birth experience, I know what the facts are. Tangible, practical, non-ideological, not “gschpürschmi”, positive but not glorifying, honest but not dramatizing. My aim is for you to know what to expect at birth.
  • After the birth, however, the “new life” really begins. I would also like to give you the necessary knowledge for this. As a postpartum midwife and breastfeeding consultant, this has been my daily business since 2016. And from 2024 there will be soo much additional material on the subject of postpartum and breastfeeding in my app!

  • Head= cognitive level= knowledge. And with me you get a lot of it!

Physical level – the abdomen

  • Ultimately, you give birth with your body, not with your head. That’s why you can also prepare yourself physically for the birth. Yoga is my way of doing this: Switch off your head, feel, move intuitively in time with your baby, your breathing, effort is followed by relaxation.
  • Preparing physically makes sense to me. But this is not a must and not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s why this is only an optional offer in my birth preparation and not part of a fixed program. For me, there is no fixed program that is necessarily right for everyone, but rather individual paths that make up a “good birth”.
  • Stretching, mobilizing and strengthening the body certainly helps most tense (office) workers. This prevents pregnancy complaints. And you may already be familiar with many movements and positions for the birth. And in combination with a lot of knowledge and mental preparation, you can do a lot of good preparation. You don’t have to. But you can. And I’ll show you how.

Mental level – the mind

  • Having a mental strategy in your rucksack helps immensely when the going gets tough. This has long been known in sport when it comes to major challenges. Childbirth is not gentle. A birth is a natural event. This is the great strength you need to give birth to your baby after 40 weeks of pregnancy.
  • In the Hypnobirthing module of my app, you will receive tips and instructions on how to prepare yourself mentally as well as possible for the birth.

  • This has the potential to be everything from the most beautiful event to a traumatic experience. Many things cannot be planned. But you can prepare for much more than you think. I will help you to learn strategies for relaxation, breathing and pain relief.

My course offer

Birth preparation courses

Informative and practical courses for couples 4 to 10 weeks before the birth:
Day courses, crash courses and private birth preparation courses.

Pregnancy yoga

Feeling your body, coordinating your breathing and movements, getting and staying mentally calm – these are helpful aspects for the birth

Postnatal courses

After giving birth, the path back to everyday life begins. Pilates postnatal courses and/or my outdoor training “Into the Wild” are perfect for this.

20 years of experience

I have been working as a midwife for 20 years, 15 of which I spent in the wards of various hospitals, most recently for 10 years at Triemli Hospital. I am familiar with everyday hospital life on the maternity ward and can prepare you for the birth in a practical way.

I have been working as a self-employed midwife since 2016 and make home visits during pregnancy and the postpartum period. As a breastfeeding consultant, I know the difficulties and would like to prepare and support you.