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Let me provide you with comprehensive support

Most women today have a midwife in the postpartum period. Many women don’t know that you can already use the services of your midwife during pregnancy and that this is covered by basic insurance.

I offer the following services as a freelance midwife in Zurich:

Pre-pregnancy consultation

  • I try to meet with all the families I look after at least once before birth. In addition to getting to know each other, the aim is to record your medical history, the course of your pregnancy, your wishes, expectations and questions for me.
  • I introduce myself, my work and my way of working. During the consultation, I will create an electronic file for you, which I can then work with during the postpartum period.
  • I’ll give you the basics you need to know about breastfeeding before we meet again after the baby is born.

Birth preparation

  • Birth preparation has been a passion of mine as a midwife since I graduated in 2004. All my training courses, from yoga to breastfeeding counseling, have always had the goal of preparing you for your new life in all its facets.
  • I offer different informational birth preparation courses that provide you with information and knowledge in a practical way. The courses are available in German and English and as full-day courses as well as crash courses.

  • From 2024, I will be offering you the opportunity to delve even deeper into the topics surrounding birth preparation with my app. I impart my knowledge through video tutorials, PDFs, quizzes and provide you with the opportunity for additional interaction in chat groups.
  • Of course, I also offer private prenatal classes, which we can tailor to your individual needs. These can also be group courses with your friends or acquaintances. Please get in touch with me directly.

Pregnancy yoga

  • I teach pregnancy yoga every Monday evening at GZ Bachwiesen. Yoga during pregnancy can be a wonderful part of “gymnastical birth preparation”. It is less about perfect alignment than in normal yoga, and more about coordinating breathing, movement and perception. But a bit of sweating and sore muscles is also good. Working with the pelvic floor helps both during birth and in the postpartum period. And sometimes friendships develop during the course that remain important beyond the postpartum period. That’s why an exchange is always very welcome.

    My new app gives you more material to get moving at home, as well as meditations, relaxation and breathing exercises, and movements for birth.

Care for high-risk pregnancies

  • I can look after you at home on prescription and in cooperation with your doctor. Typical complications are: premature labor, bleeding, placental insufficiency, etc.

  • I have a modern twin CTG machine with which I can check the babies’ heartbeats and labor activity; I take the necessary blood samples and carry out all other checks. I will show you movement exercises for immobility and breathing and relaxation exercises for relaxation. The costs for this are covered by health insurance.

Pregnancy checks

  • Pregnancy checks by us midwives are covered by your basic health insurance.

  • It is a wonderful care concept to know each other during pregnancy. Working together is different in the postpartum period.

  • I myself work with the gynecologist and my ex-husband Manfred Albrecht when necessary, but of course I also work with any other doctor.
  • It is possible to have the pregnancy checks carried out exclusively by me as a midwife, although I advise you to have the three recommended ultrasound examinations carried out by a doctor. Another option is to have the midwife do the pregnancy checks one month and the doctor the next month. I would like to see the majority of women once every trimester.

Postpartum care

  • Up to 8 weeks after the birth of your child, you have the right to midwife care through your basic health insurance. This is a great improvement compared to the past, when the support was only valid for the first 10 days. That changed in 2015.

  • With the first child or (funnily enough) with every caesarean section, you are entitled to 16 midwife visits .With the second child, you are entitled to 10 visits up to the baby’s 56th day of life. A midwife visit lasts approximately one hour.
  • If more visits are necessary, a doctor’s prescription is required for an extension of the midwife’s help.
  • From a medical point of view, the main focus is on monitoring the recovery processes, vaginal bleeding and the healing of any birth injuries.

  • It is particularly important to check the newborn’s jaundice and weight development at the beginning.

  • I am very happy to help fathers find their role in all the hustle and bustle. I explain slings or carriers, show baby bath & baby massage and support options in the postpartum period.

  • Breastfeeding advice takes up the most time. Breastfeeding is not always as easy at first as it might seem. I will help you find your way through too much or too little milk, sore nipples and other difficulties.

  • Between visits, you can send me your questions, photos, videos etc. at any time via smartphone so that any uncertainties can be resolved as quickly as possible .

Breastfeeding guidance

  • Even after the 10 or 16 postnatal visits, you still have 3 more breastfeeding consultations to look forward to in the first year of your child’s life. The costs are covered by your basic health insurance.
  • These visits are not tied to a specific midwife. You can redeem these visits with any Ibclc midwife/breastfeeding consultant.

  • In September 2023, I took the recertification exam as an Ibclc lactation consultant, which is required every 5 years.

Postpartum exercise

  • For years I taught postnatal courses at Triemli Hospital. Since January 2024 I have been teaching Pilates regression and “Into the wild – outdoor regression” at GZ Bachwiesen. The Pilates classes are without a child, the “Into the wild” outdoor sessions take place with a child.

  • I am trained in Pilates for postnatal recovery, Rehapilates, yoga, pregnancy yoga and have further training in pelvic floor health through the organization “BeBo” and the Swiss Midwives Association SHV.

  • I am also happy to do private postnatal lessons with you individually at home as part of my midwifery care.

Care in the event of child loss

  • Losing a child is probably one of the saddest things that can happen in life. If you lose a child, you also have the right to 16 or 10 visits (more on prescription) to be helped by me as a midwife for 8 weeks on this difficult path.

  • As with every postpartum visit, the check-ups include medical checks for bleeding and possible birth injuries. I will help you to wean your milk production and check your recovery.

  • But the most important thing is that I listen to you and accompany you through this pain.

I love being your midwife!

I look forward to your registration so that I can accompany you as a couple and family through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

You can register for my antenatal, yoga and postnatal courses directly on the course pages.