Do it at home

From 2024, there will be new modules for every course in my app:

The pregnancy yoga course includes the yoga, breathing and relaxation modules.

Postnatal courses have a postnatal module with lots of video tutorials and exercises to do at home.

Participants in birth preparation courses have access to all modules until 2 months after the birth!

Individually, you can immerse yourself in my modules yoga/breathing/relaxation, hypnobirthing, breastfeeding, postpartum and postnatal recovery at home.

Video tutorials, audios, photos, texts or PDFs for printing out the most important facts are available as media.

You can still exchange ideas with other couples, but also with me, via communities!

Yoga, breathing & relaxation module

From sweat-inducing to meditative:
Yoga sequences, breathing exercises and meditations to help you find peace.

Yogamodul der App "Gemeinsam gebären"

Hypnobirthing module

Anchor your mental strategy before the birth.

The “Hypnobirthing” module is all about developing your mental strategies. Using audio, video, images, text and PDF, I help you to both find and anchor a “safe space” so that you can access it more quickly, easily and effectively during the birth or caesarean section.

Das Modul Hypnobirthing vertieft mentale Vorbereitung

Postpartum module

From real life…

The postpartum module includes midwife tips on wound healing, hormonal changes, baby blues, etc.

But I will also show you from my everyday life with the families how to handle a baby, how to clean a baby’s nose or how to use carriers and slings.

I address the most important topics such as sleeping and crying behavior in this module. Just as I encounter the topics in real life.

Das Modul "Wochenbett" in der App Gemeinsam gebären"

Breastfeeding module

Creating the best conditions

I will show you how to breastfeed in a practical and realistic way. Here, too, I have a mix of knowledge and video scenes from the everyday lives of mothers and babies.

Breastfeeding can be wonderful and practical, but also quite tricky!

From the basics to almost all complications, I explain everything in detail in individual tutorials, from Raynaud’s syndrome to lactostasis. Printable PDFs give you a good overview of what you need to do.

For you men there is “Breastfeeding for men”: tutorials on what you should know about breastfeeding and how you can help your wife.

Modul Stillen in der App "Gemeinsam gebären" von Imke Albrecht.

Postpartum module

Back into the body

I was back in the yoga studio for the postnatal module and recorded a series of short sequences for you: Pelvic floor awareness, first exercises, tutorials on rectus diastasis, practical exercises, but also some theory to deepen your understanding of breathing, abdominal muscles and of course: the pelvic floor!

Modul Rückbildung der App "Gemeinsam gebären" von Imke Albrecht.

On all your devices

Where and when you want!

Die App "Gemeinsam gebären" kann auf allen Geräten genutzt werden