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by Imke Albrecht

You can take a hay flower steam bath to prepare for the massage. I found that wonderful during my pregnancy. Perineal preparation is not such a pleasant thing in itself. But if you like saunas and steam baths, you will also like hay flower steam baths.

How does a hay flower steam bath work?

You brew a handful of dried hay flowers with boiling water and place the pot in the toilet or bidet and sit over it. Done. A hay flower steam bath is that simple. The hot steam makes the tissue soft and elastic, the vessels dilate and open up, which increases blood circulation. The hay flower steam bath is the perfect preparation for the perineum massage or training with the Epino.

I recommend these sitz baths from 37+0 weeks’ gestation. Not before, as the hay flower vapors can possibly and only in rare cases trigger or intensify contractions. From 37+0 weeks gestation your children are at the appointment and are welcome to come. You can also use the hay flower baths to stimulate labor after the appointment.


I would not recommend the hay flower steam bath for varicose veins in the vagina and hemorrhoids, as the symptoms may increase. However, I definitely recommend preparing the perineum with massage or Epino. The only thing that won’t do you any good is the humid heat.

If you are allergic to hay flowers, you may unfortunately have an allergic reaction to the sitz bath!

I highly recommend that you use this time of preparing your perineum to mentally prepare for the birth. While you are taking the hay flower steam bath, you could, for example, try to concentrate on your breathing, really relax your pelvic floor and think about what you want to think about during the birth. What positive phrases, images and emotions do you want to pack in your “emotional rucksack” for the birth? Sounds a bit strange, but in my opinion it is essential. And a hay flower steam bath can be a wonderful moment for this.

If none of this has helped and you have still suffered an injury to your perineum, here are some tips and care for your perineum

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